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Extracurricular Activities 
and Organizations

Brighton Academy provides a number of opportunities for students to work together and interact as part of our extracurricular program. Leadership opportunities are provided in classes such as Student Council/Civic Leadership.
Students have the opportunity to 
perform for a variety of audiences in classes like choir, speech, science fairs, and art fairs. We also have program-wide events and activities where students can have fun and form lasting friendships.
Serving the community through work with organizations focused on feeding the hungry, clothing the less fortunate, and meeting the basic needs of others, students have the opportunity to positively impact their community and affirm Christ while feeling a sense of purpose and camaraderie.
Yearbook Committee gives students the opportunity to be creative and document the memories of the year for all time. From taking pictures, to organizing the book online, to writing articles, to choosing the "Best of Brighton" these students gain skills while having a lot of fun.
Service Hours are paramount for a well rounded individual and getting recognition for them by gaining Presidential Service Awards is an honor as well as a transcript building tool.
Academic Competitions: Whether you are competing with our award winning choir or on an individual basis with works or art and/or academics we attend area competitions to gain exposure and watch our students shine!

Student Council


Student Council is made up of students that are interested in serving their community at Brighton and the community at large. They are given a lot of latitude to initiate events for fellowship as well as service opportunities. Students in grades 7 - 12 can participate. Officers are elected by their fellow council members to leadership positions within the group. If you have an interest please contact Mrs. Van Meteren, our STUCO sponsor.

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