Beginning with the 2022-23 Academic Year
We are pleased to announce
Brighton's new 3-day model


The idea of this model is to keep with the current atmosphere of Brighton. It will feel about the same, just with an extra day!


Enrollment is for three full days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm) instead of partial days or a la carte options. If you've already enrolled and you want to transition to the new 3-day model, please let us know.

At the new campus students Kindergarten-8th grades will take the four core classes (math, language arts, science, and history,) and two electives (STEM and art), plus lunch and recess each day.

Tuition and fees per student per semester:

Enrollment fee $150

Tech fee $35 (per year)

Elementary tuition (K-6th grades) $2,400

Middle School tuition (7th-8th grades) $2,650

If you've already enrolled and want to change to the three day model, we can apply your funds and make that switch for you. 

Campus/location: Emmanuel Baptist Church, 10100 Metcalf Ave in Overland Park (near I-435 & Metcalf) will be hosting our second campus.

Classrooms: For students, it will mostly feel like a homeroom style classroom, where they might change classrooms for Art and STEM.

Again, nothing is changing at the Antioch campus. It will still be Mondays and Wednesdays with a la carte class options, Kindergarten-12th grades.

We are excited to extend our current model to three days for families who prefer this structure and additional partnership from Brighton. 

Contact us for more information. Course Catalog can be found here.